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Señor Solar offers solar energy solutions and energy-efficient home upgrades such as door blower tests, attic insulation, and attic sealing. It is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

As the client has zero online presence – we have provided a comprehensive digital marketing service, from brand development to using the Lime lead automation tool.

Would you trust a brand without a business page or social media account?

Maybe in earlier years, but not today where everyone can verify anyone through the internet. “Social proofing” is important in building that trust and persuading your customer to buy from you.

Luis Felipe is a busy entrepreneur who is always reaching out to potential clients. Digital marketing is certainly not his forte, and he simply has no time to manage it. In fact, he is using his personal account for business networking.

We take his “zero” online presence as a challenge to transform him into Señor Solar – the solar energy expert everyone can trust. Our brand development also includes identifying his customer persona and strategizing marketing campaigns around it.

And from someone who doesn’t want to handle any social media responsibility, his business’s social media account is now filled with compelling captions from our copywriting service.

Through social media marketing, he has garnered positive responses online because his business account is consistently posting 14 pieces of content per week. That’s a total of 60 quality posts monthly and all without his supervision. We’ve also set up paid ads for brand awareness and service promotion.

We are currently working on our Lime Lead Automation Tool to nurture his leads and continue bringing in new customers. Through this, he can reach out to more audiences on every platform – email, social media, call, and text. He can also respond to their queries immediately and scheduling an appointment automatically.

Even though he is focused on sales and other business operations, his marketing efforts have shown great results as more leads are contacting him without doing initiating the first contact. And as you know, more leads are equal to more sales.

“I couldn’t thank the entire team enough for all their efforts in helping me grow my business-slash-advocacy. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who can fulfill my goals and vision has certainly sped up the process.”

– Luis Felipe / Señor Solar

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