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It’s Not Just About What You Offer; It’s Also How You Market It

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A beauty studio located in Jacksonville, Florida, owned and operated by Tatyana Krivorak, a licensed esthetician offering skincare products and services to her clientele.

We’ve collaborated with Tatyana to drum up her business in social media – from helping her create a brand image, optimizing her social media account, and posting quality content on the page.

The skincare industry is booming nowadays. But that also means stiffer competition as more and more people are engaging in such practice. And information gathering is such a norm that most customers evaluate their options online before buying.

As a small business owner, Tatyana wants to leverage this online exposure for her business. It has user-generated content promotion capabilities, with customers sharing their excellent experiences with others. It can certainly create a “buzz” for her business.

But, alas, social media is already filled with brands competing in the same industry. And doing generic marketing strategies just won’t cut anymore.

Every brand is unique and has the potential to succeed. So we started polishing from the root with our brand development service. Next, we created the customer persona as a guide to know what content to create to appeal to the target audience.

From then, we slowly build the brand’s identity- logo, color palette, typography, and iconography. Ultimately, these are all consolidated in Tateisto Brand Book.

The brand is now coming to life. And now we need to let every one of the amazing products and services the brand has to offer. Our social media marketing service helped make the brand known to the proper target market – account creation, profile optimization, content calendar, and SMM monitoring.

With our copywriting service, we have generated informative and relevant content about the company. And more people are becoming aware of why they are the perfect place for their skincare needs.

Soon enough, the customer base is getting more expansive, and the brand’s following has increased on Facebook and Instagram. Their Google My Business account has also gained traction with stellar reviews from clients.

Recently, the skincare clinic has changed its physical location. And their transition has never been easier as they already have a solid brand identity – from what color paint to choose to what design they should emulate.

“Lime Digital helped me craft an irresistible brand image and heighten my brand’s online presence. I was able to achieve a work-life balance by delegating my business’s digital marketing needs to people who really know what they are doing. It has saved me a lot of time, and I was able to focus on tending my clients.”

– Tatyana Krivorak / Tatiesto Owner

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