How to Choose the Best Web Design Company in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California

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Do you already have a website, or planning to commission one? Word of advice, consider the web design as it tops the list, at 48%, of how people view the credibility of your business.

And don’t hesitate to hire the best web designers there is as this is an investment that’ll last a long time that can build up to brand’s online reputation. It can also boost the web ranking to help you rake in web traffic and online sales.

Below are the things you need to know about, plus sample interview questions you can ask in contracting web design services from agencies.

1. Do a Quick Google Search and Make a Shortlist

You know you’re in good hands when the agency’s website rank in search results as they have already implemented effective marketing strategies on their website. So go ahead and make a list of the top agencies you are interested in working for your web design job.

After creating your list, you can now start removing any agency that you believe does not match the priority or vision you have in mind. If you are a fan of any site or design, better get it ready so that you can compare it side by side to the portfolios they have on their website.

If you have other requirements that you wish to be fulfilled by the website design agency, you can talk to their customer service and know if they can deliver these. Also, don’t forget to know about their after-sales support as you may need it in the future.

So you’ve read the benefits and advantages of what a website can do to any small business. And if you’re not yet convinced whether you need to have one and contract a web design company in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California today, then the article below is for you.

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2. Web Development Jargons You Need to Know

No matter how technologically averse you are, you need to know these technical terms to be on the same page with the web development agencies. In addition, these words will throw in the conversation you have with them, so you are at least prepared for this situation.


In most cases, it’s simply an icon or logo that redirects you to another link or website page.


A security device that monitors and protects your network from incoming and outgoing traffic.

Load Time

The ideal load time for any website is at 2 seconds max, more than this duration can affect your search engine ranking and your visitors’ web experience.


Any extensions you wish to add to your website are generally called plugins. It’s also a great idea to add plugins from third-party providers so that you’ll have additional features to your website without investing extra time and money in creating new ones.

Responsive Design

Refers to how adaptable your web design is to accommodate changes in screen size. Also, ensure that the agency you hire has a “mobile-first” approach, as most people will browse your website from mobile devices.

A/B testing

It’s a methodology to find out what performs better by comparing the results side by side. Web designers usually provide different mock-ups, and then marketing experts will then test it out for any weak points that might hinder the goals set for the web layout.

From creating a memorable domain name to secure hosting, ensure that your small business website has all these elements before you give out your review to the web development agency that created it.

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3. Web Developer Skills and Years of Experience

Another in-demand job in the market today is web development, especially now that we’re in the Information Age. But did you know that most countries don’t have regulatory bodies that impose strict rules and regulations on web developers?

Well, there are, of course, certificates handed out by different companies depending on the software they used, but their skills are harnessed over time. They need to know and understand how to solve any technical problems and accommodate any client requests.

For you to know that you are not being shortchanged of any of your deals, you can request from the agency if you can talk with their web developers and ask these questions:

  • How do you keep up with the latest industry trends and technologies?

Since most things can be learned online, you can instead ask them if they follow any thought leaders in the industry or they continually seek out to upskill by enrolling in online courses. 

  • Is there any particular work you’ve done before that you’re most proud of?

You may hear a different set of priorities from different employees based on their department. Getting to know the works of your web developer is getting a glimpse of his creative process and how he hit that goal through the works he’s done.

  • What development task do you find the most difficult and easiest to do?

You need to be on the same technical level as them to ask this question, and this is just to gauge their level of knowledge and expertise. However, you can also ask them to tone down on technical terms and explain to you everything on layman terms.

  • What do you love most about your profession?

This may be off-topic from the usual technical questions, but you may need an ice-breaker in your way. Besides, you can get to know more about them personally and know their thoughts about your project.

4. UX/UI Designers With Solid Branding Background

From budding first impressions to building the right expectations – seasoned designers can help carve unique, powerful visuals that resonate with your business that is both appealing and engaging.

Let your brand be recognized everywhere with proven and tested recall value techniques. And if you want to have captivating branding for your business, then check out brand development services. Or, if you already have a website and just want to optimize it even more, check out our copywriting and search engine optimization services.

It can help you ensure that you’re making the right impression not only for your website presence but also on other channels, such as social media and even sales copy you show to your potential customers.

5. What Are The Qualities That Make A Good Web Design Company?

Now that we’ve covered most of the technical aspects of contracting web development, you also need to know the company you’d be dealing with for your business website. The qualities of any web design company will, of course, still matter on your preference but below will always remain relevant to any decision you make.

Variety of Services

Nowadays, more and more companies are opening up to catering to different types of entrepreneurs—from influencers to large-scale companies. The pandemic brought the shake-up as people were confined to their homes while continuing to do their work virtually.

You can expect agencies to optimize your website with the latest web development techniques or re-do everything entirely. Bonus if the agency is a full-service offering other digital marketing services to save you from starting the process of outsourcing tasks.

Company Values

You can know so much about the culture of any company based on the values they’ve inculcated to their employees. While others have other criteria in hiring their talents, there are few that are nitpicky when it comes to people who can embody their company values. You don’t want to be an enable of toxic working conditions, right?

You need to align your priorities with them so that you’ll be in the same direction on how to approach this project of yours. Remember, it may still be a business transaction, but you are also forming a relationship with them because you’d be working with them for months to come or until the contract is ended. 

Portfolios and Reviews

Get your glasses ready because you’re going to be a detective for your good. Most companies will offer their sales copy and portfolio to coax you into patronizing their services. But you can do better. You can always reach out to the person they have worked with to get their more comprehensive feedback in transacting business with the agency.

But if you’re not quite the people person, then go ahead and check out the reviews they have—whether it’s on social media or a feature in blogs and media sites. Every review counts, and don’t dismiss even one negative review because many factors may have contributed to such an outcome.

Communicative and Responsive

If you’re the type of person who wants to be on top of everything, then being assigned with a dedicated account manager is a win-win solution. Not only will you get to have timely updates, but you know that all the concerns you’ve voiced are relayed to the team members in charge of handling the task.

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving less than stellar output when you know you pour in your own hard-earned money into it. And what’s worse is waiting in a queue on their hotline and hearing long-winded excuses. Set out for success early by shopping around for reliable agencies more conscientiously.

Respect for Deadlines

Missing deadlines is a major red flag you should not just sweep under the rug. One or two is acceptable, especially if it’s an urgent revision on your end. Still, once they’re starting to fall behind on significant updates such as new pages or design, then you’ll be sure that they’ll also miss the deadline of handing the website over to you.

This can cause you a lot of patience and time, especially if you pay an hourly rate. Also, take note of the quality of their work each meeting you have with them. Other agencies were just good initially, and their performance began to wane in the middle of the project.

6. The Budget You Set For the Project

Perhaps the ultimate indicator for any client in contracting the best web development services in Huntington Beach, California, is the budget. Granted, of course, that you have also set realistic goals for the budget you’ve decided to stick to for the whole duration of the project.

Some clients go all out and let all the decisions to the creatives, while others want to be involved every step of the way—be wary if you choose to take this route as you can do more harm to the overall integrity of your website.

The creatives and technical team of any reputable web development company will be knowledgeable than the average agency because they have the resources to invest in their talent to know the latest effective practices of their field.

And this is what you’re paying for in the first place. 

If you just want a particular website tweaking, like let’s say, you just to update a page or feature of your website, a web development company charges less for this request than creating a whole new website for your business.

But there are instances where it is the other way around, especially if you want to add plugins to your website that may require time and specialized skillsets from web developers.

Is your budget stopping you from getting a website?

No worries, we’ve got your back! Contract any digital marketing services, including Lime digital web design services, without paying the FULL amount upfront. We have partnered with an established finance company to help you secure up to $100,000 through our Lime Funding Program.

Prop your business effectively online with stunning, user-friendly, and fast-loading websites built for all functions and fit for your brand’s unique needs. We can also optimize the conversion performance of your existing website by uncovering any underlying technical issues it may have.

With its long repayment terms and 0% APR for 12-24 months, you cannot even feel a dent in your wallet. And from top-notch talents to cutting-edge marketing tools, you’re definitely in great hands with Lime! 

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