Redefine all your marketing efforts in one powerful tool.

Manage your leads more effectively and efficiently by automating all your digital marketing tasks.

Why spend large amounts of money on multiple tools that only do specific tasks? And then you have to hire corresponding specialists for every tool there is.

So let us save you the hassle. Do it all more efficiently by using our all-in-one automation tool!

Avoid stress and headaches when you can organize all your digital marketing efforts in just one dashboard – websites, social media, emails, forums, calls, and texts.

And if you’re not a fan of transacting business in a far place, then that’s not going to be a problem. We are just located in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California.

Nurturing and generating leads has never been this easy!

The Perfect Business Partner

You need all the help you can get as a busy man with multiple hats to wear. And this tool is a complete set of teams to do all the hard work for you.

Worth Every Penny

Achieving your digital marketing goals doesn’t have to be expensive. Spend less when you streamline everything and replace the roles of different apps.

Modern, Data-Driven Results

Amplify the value of data that allows an insightful view of your business. You can use it as leverage to substantially improve your digital marketing baselines and benchmarks.

Messaging and Appointment Booking Automation

Manage your customer connection better when you can communicate with them immediately. You can even book a meeting instantly or schedule it later.

Complete Automation Tool For Your Digital Marketing Team

Delivering exceptional service takes a team to do a specific task. Or you can simply use an automation tool that does everything more efficiently.


With LDMA, it automates everything - from the tedious process of accumulating all the data to being a great source of insights. All it takes is just one single dashboard loaded with all the profitable information that your business needs.

Customer Relationship Management

Access valuable information about your customer and anticipate their needs, from buying patterns to the seasonal influx.


Appeal to your audience’s motivations and address the pain points in their customer journey and turn them casual visitors to repeat customers

Landing Page

Entice your visitor to buy your feature product or service right away, and a landing page serves as an extra push for them to convert as customers.

Opt-in Page

Welcome new leads through your website. Don’t let any visitor be a missed opportunity by creating opt-in pages that are irresistible not to subscribe.

Email Marketing Automation

Stay relevant and always keep your audience engaged by sending out customized content through email.

Scheduling & Appointment System

A missed call is a missed opportunity, but that won’t happen again if you have an easy system for appointment setting.

Chat Messaging

Save considerable time and respond immediately to any concerns without using a different tool for every platform.

Analytics Tracking for Social Media Campaigns

Knowing what works and not can help you plan out your future campaigns more effectively by creating impactful posts.

SMS & Call Tracking

Being inclusive to all devices will not alienate a specific target audience from reaching you because not everyone uses the same type of gadgets.

Sales and Pipeline

Understand better what steps to take to boost your business’ revenue by knowing what goes in and out of your sales pipeline process.

Who Is This For?

Understand better what steps to take to boost your business’ revenue by knowing what goes in and out of your sales pipeline process.

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