for each NEW CLIENT you refer that works with us!
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You Know Someone Who Needs:

Any kind of Website or Landing Page

We can create modern and responsive websites that help small and medium businesses create an impact in the noisy online world.

Logo Development or Professional Brand Book

We are a team of service specialists helping clients generate the perfect look and feel you want to achieve any brand.

All types of Video Production and Editing

From low-budget documentaries to Hollywood productions, we are fully equipped and ready to create high-quality videos.

Social Media Management

We can help you from idea and content creation (post’s copy, photography, videography, graphic design) to posting and engaging with your audience.

Copywriting and Proofreading

Blog posts, Web Contents, Articles, Social Media Copy, Product Descriptions, Scriptwriting – we’ve got it all covered!

Let’s Become Partners!

We greatly value referrals and earn extra income by simply referring us to a new client.

Partner with us, and we can assure you that you can earn a handsome amount by referring new customers to us. Existing clients can also benefit from our affiliate program.

Let us be the reason for the success of your family’s or friend’s business. Then, refer them to Lime Digital Media today and earn a $500-1000 referral BONUS!

Why Everyone Wins?

How Does It Work?

  1. Enroll in the program.
  2. Simply share the link with your personalized CODE.
  3. Your referred client needs to complete the service request form with your CODE.
  4. We will contact them to find how we can help with their digital marketing needs.
  5. If your referred client decides to do business with us, we will sign a contract, and you will get the referral amount!

There Is No Limit To The Number Of Clients You Can Refer To Us. The More, The Merrier!

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Referral Program Terms & Conditions

At Lime, we thrive in being your reliable and effective support for your business. located in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California that can help any business from branding to lead generation.