Propel your brand to greater heights with a headstart advantage when you know how to position your brand to your target market.

Build a Firm Relationship with Your Consumers

Connect with your target market with the appropriate visuals to boot. Do not be mistaken with your competitors. 

Iconic logo and captivating tagline are at the forefront of your business. It is, after all, the reflection of your business offerings and values. Thus, it can make or break your brand’s trajectory towards greater heights. 

We can help you mold a solid brand identity from basic foundations such as vision and mission to premium content such as animated logos to help you connect with your consumer by showcasing your brand’s unique value proposition and philosophy.

Carve a Unique, Powerful Image that Resonates with Your Brand

Set the right expectations from first impressions. We can help you create brand awareness that is both appealing and engaging.

A successful brand awareness campaign is rooted in visuals. Think of fruits for big tech giants or blue and red color palettes for two dominating beverage brands.

We know the gravity of color and saturation in every content. These are small details that can triggers emotions from your audience. Have a detailed description of your brand and an accurate depiction of your values when you partner with us.

Claim your Authority in your Brand’s Industry

Win your consumer’s preferences with Lime’s effective branding solutions that build your brand’s authority in your domain.

Consumers usually have their preferred brands, which would take considerable time to convince them to jump to other brands. They have already gauge that they will only be getting the best from their favorite brands.

But changing their minds is not an impossible task. It needs careful deliberation on how they perceive your standing in their consciousness.

Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Pave the way with a proactive stance and have your brand be recognized everywhere with proven and tested recall value techniques.

Everyone can create a brand from scratch or revitalize previous companies, but only a few remain operating and hustling. So it is no surprise that most succumbed to market saturation or withered away among dead brands.

Avoid suffering the same fate and always aim for the front row. However, do not compromise on creating buzz for your brand. We can help you increase your brand’s recognition and recall value with the latest and effective branding strategies.

Earn Your Customers Loyalty with a Positive Impression

Sustain your brand’s viability with repeat customers that are always satisfied. We can help you increase your profit by improving loyalty and brand retention.

Prove your worth to your customers by continuing to nurture your brand image. However, you should not stop your quest for your brand’s value by just leveraging your unique selling points.

Seasons come and go, and being adaptable to changing times is a must in growing your brand. Partner with us to further this growth by retaining your brand’s loyal followers and cultivating a steady rise of potential customers.

Partner with top- notch creatives and branding professionals.

Lime Digital Media is your one-stop-shop brand development agency in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California. We are a team of service specialists helping clients generate the perfect look and feel you want to achieve your brand.

With our years of technical expertise, we can guide you in achieving your brand’s full potential by dissecting its core foundation and implementing the ideal brand development.

Attract Your Target Market

Get a stylish and captivating look with an unparalleled branding design that speaks volumes about your brand to your target market.


o not be mistaken as one of your competitors. Our design principles are employed to give you the ideal visual you want to project.

Man with flag
Have a Head Start among Competitors

Be distinguished among waves of well-established and emerging brands with a solid brand identity that creates an impact in your industry.


Our team of experts will help you realize your brand’s potential, from basic foundations such as vision and mission to premium content such as animated logos.

Bulb with horse
Futureproof Your Brand Identity

Save for your brand’s future by investing in its present state with our groundbreaking approach to implementing branding strategies.


Not only will all the creatives are well-documented, but this will also serve as the foundation for your brand’s future design progress and development.

Results and Data-Driven Brand Development Packages for Your Specific Needs and Expectations

Exploring business opportunities in the web space is overwhelming. The marketplace is dynamic, and shaping your brand from scratch is a demanding task.

Get all the support you need with Lime Digital Agency for your brand development needs as low. In addition, each of these packages will include a varying degree of customization and services

Start Up

Kickstart your brand’s beginnings with appropriate visuals that capture your brand style and values.
$ 3000
  • Brand Image/Logo Creation
    (2 concepts, up to 3 revisions)
  • Logo Usage Guidelines
  • Color Palette
  • Iconography
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Brand Style Guide


Unlock the full potential of your brand by availing exclusive and premium services.
$ 10000
  • Brand Image/Logo Creation
    (4 concepts, unlimited revisions)
  • Logo Usage Guidelines
  • Color Palette
  • Iconography
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Logo Animation
    (up to 3 concepts)
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Brand Identity Assistance
    (Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values)
  • Branding and Vision Coaching Session
  • Stationery and Merchandise
  • Social Media Branding
    (Profile Photos/Cover Photos for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google myBusiness)

Start working on your brand now and partner with us to speed up the process. 

Wherever you are in your business journey, we’ve got you covered!


Get a full-support digital marketing team for your most ambitious business endeavor. We will work closely with you to open the best opportunities and uncover your brand’s true potential in the online space.