Every piece is a collaboration with our experienced brand strategists to make sure that everything is consistent with your branding and relevant to your customer persona.

Connect More With Your Audience

Stay in touch by listening to your customer’s pulse and creating copy around it.

Do not do your customer a disservice by creating a copy that is full of filler words and overpromise the benefit they will get when they do business with you. 

At Lime, we adhere to writing standards, but we will also make sure that we convey your message clearly and use specific keywords relevant to your customer query search.

Customer persona
Detailed Customer Persona

Everything starts with a distinct vision to attain the goal of your copy – it may be to build up brand awareness and ultimately turn your leads to sale conversion. 


Our brand strategists will detail all the elements of your brand before the copywriting process begins. It is to guarantee that your copy is suitable for your target audience.

Writing specific readers
Writing to Your Specific Readers

Nothing connects more with your readers than speaking their language. Therefore, we employ your copy’s proper writing style, tone, and voice to be more intimate to your audience. 


As a result, your readers will always feel at home reading your copy, and they will be in tune with why they need your product or service.

Create Compelling Copies

Pull the right strings with a copy that influences their buying decisions.

Each part of your copy is vital because it is your marketing platform to sell your product or service. Therefore, we ensure that marketing ploys incorporated into your copy are discreet and the polar opposite of annoying, old-school tactics. 

Reading every chapter of your copy is a treat to your readers as it is informative, easy to understand but also highlights your business.

Fluid flow
Fluid Flow

Let your customer have an amazing reading experience with smooth transitions and coherent writing structure to its succeeding content. 


Aside from the tried and tested copywriting formula, we will also experiment with the latest and upcoming practices to keep up with the changing times of consumer behavior and digital influences.

Writing specific readers

Have a copy that informs, entertains, and sells. For example, a copy that is enjoyable to read will get your user to read all the information of your copy, including the inbound marketing we employ. 


In turn, it will increase your chance of selling and taking an offensive stance in promoting your product or service to your customer.

Copy that Converts

Crisp copy plus actionable selling directive equals conversion.

An effective copy will drive your reader to buy your product from foolproof copywriting formulas and analytical metrics. 

But without having a catchy headline that targets your customer’s internet or a hard-to-find instruction on how to buy, then all your content fails to accomplish the essence of its being.

Click-Worthy Headlines

Call the attention of your potential customers with a catchy headline that lures them to your website. We also offer the creation of title tags and meta descriptions that will appear on the search engines queries. 


It will make your content stand out from the others as it gives the reader a quick overview of what they will read.

Click button
Convincing Click to Action

Reading the entire content may be taxing to your customer, and you might lose their initial interest in buying. CTA increases their motivation to continue in their buying journey. 


We can help you devise strong CTAs that are commanding and direct your customers to draw in more sales.

Our Copywriting Packages

Texts have always been at the forefront of any business, from communication to promoting products and services. We all have seen it evolve from time-consuming handwriting and then to mass-produced printing press until it has retained its presence through a digital screen.

Writing has now transcended towards pushing sales in the world of social media and e-commerce sites. So now more than ever, we aim to provide first-rate copywriting services because we know how it will impact your business.

Get all the support you need with Lime Digital Agency, located in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, for all your copywriting needs. In addition, each of these packages will include a varying degree of customization and services.

Start working on your business now and partner with us to speed up the process.

Wherever you are in your business journey, we’ve got you covered!