From account creation to optimization – increase your brand awareness and connect to the right people that are interested in your product or service.

Target Hit Points

We listen and we learn what your crowd wants. Aside from adhering to your brand guidelines, we curate your social media content so that it resonates personally to your target audience. These are some of the instruments we employ to earn their loyalty:

Analytical Approach

As much as we want to listen to the audience, we also look into what the numbers tell us. We have our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to let us know the efficacy of each campaign. Numbers don’t lie, and that is why we always plan analytically with data from:

Best Practices

To be on the top, we are always curious about the latest trends in social media marketing. We also employ different effective techniques for different channels, such as being hip for Facebook or formal LinkedIn. We operate on all social media platforms:

Partner with a Social Media Powerhouse

Lime Digital social media marketing company in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California. If you avail of our SMM packages you get to collaborate with the following service specialists:

Prolific Content Curators

Content is king. Nothing beats engaging your audience with content that is relevant to their interest. Our content creators will curate the ideal original content just for your business.

Graphics Designers

The design of your visuals matters how you connect your target market, such as generating the perfect reaction from them. After all, you do not want to be sending mixed signals. We can help you create these types of visuals.

Multimedia Creators

If you are not a fan of static posts, then our animated videos will surely excite you. You will certainly impress them with this type of content from start to finish. Our created videos are not just appealing, but they are also informative and commanding.

Effective Copywriting Specialists

There is only so much information we can fit in graphics. That is why we put efforts into devising a suitable social media copy that increases your brand awareness, trust, and loyalty, which will help all the social media campaigns convert.

Proficient Brand Strategists

Our brand strategist will help you establish your growth according to your brand’s identity. They will ensure that your social media presence is consistent with this and will also review that all materials, such as graphics and captions, are in tune with how your consumer perceives your brand.

Data analyst
Adept Data Analysts

We always aim to give you the best, and we do not just implement content without data and numbers to back it up. We will figure out what social media posts will increase your growth. Additionally, you are entitled to a monthly analytics report for the social media performance overview.

Social media-1
Competent Social Media Ads Specialists

We do not have dirty tricks on our sleeves, and we will guarantee you organic growth not just from the stream of posts but also in advertisements. They are responsible for generating the right people to follow your page and devise a plan to continue their patronage and eventually maximize your reach in the social media sphere.

Reliable Dedicated Account Managers

You do not need to constantly be on top of all your social media engagements because a dedicated media manager will manage all the engagements (comments, likes, follow target audience) on all social platforms.

Lime Digital Social Media Marketing Packages

Get all the support you need with Lime Digital Agency for all your social media marketing needs. In addition, each of these packages will include a varying degree of customization and features.

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