Top 3 Tips to Promote Your Personal Brand

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Position yourself in the forefront with these easy tips.

The term “branding” has come a long way from being just associated with big business before. Then, well-established companies would often have a dedicated marketing team to sustain their brand’s reputation in their field.

Goals to be achieved are often to usurp competitor’s market share and be helmed as the thought leaders. These goals are the same with personal branding, but it’s more focused on an individual and niche market they cater to.

And you want to position yourself as a go-to brand your target audience wants to look up to, then read on.

1. Define your brand to its core

Let’s start from the basics: What is your unique selling point, and who is your target audience for it?

It may seem just a trivial question, but you need to think about it thoroughly because rebranding can cost you a lot – from losing your loyal customers to becoming irrelevant to your industry.

You need to understand that some of your target audience may be adamant about changing and want the same thing they’ve experienced before. That’s why nostalgia is still an effective marketing strategy.

So before you delve into letting the word out about your brand identity, be sure that you would be comfortable sticking to it for years to come.

Are you stumped about where to start your branding journey? We can help you. Check out our branding development service. 

We’ll ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger in creating your solid brand identity. We have a data-driven digital marketing approach plus seasoned brand strategists that can guide you every step of the way.

2. Create a steady stream of content

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Sharing your thoughts and opinions can help establish your place in your chosen domain, from news about your industry to your personal life.

You can create short-form content like Seth Godin’s blog posts or create a content series like Neil Patel’s blog wherein every entry is related to another content – take heed, this requires serious commitment and expert writing skills.

But, above all, remember growth. As the saying goes that change is constant, your personal brand needs to evolve through changing times.

You need always to stay relevant to your audience and not stay in the rut or else lose their attention along the way. So don’t be afraid of shaking things once in a while and create content based on their comments.

To ensure that you’re posting consistently, schedule a fixed time and date when to publish your content and stick to it – no excuses. 

If your content is not done yet, just publish a section of it. Or if you think that it’s not good enough, publish what you have now and explain the other things you missed on the next post. Done is always better when it comes to writing content.

But let’s face it, some of us are not fans of writing or simply don’t have time for it. Hence, our copywriting services. We can conform to your brand’s unique voice and appeal to your target customer persona.

3. Grow your digital footprint

Don’t isolate your personal brand to just a group of people that you’re only comfortable socializing with. 

And if you’re afraid that you’re not as good as someone you aspire to be, well, we have to start somewhere, right? They have probably toiled and trekked the same route that you are currently in.

Or, if you have credentials and formal training that gives you an edge but don’t feel as confident in sharing your personal brand with others? Then you may be suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Networking through social media is a wise investment. Not only will it widen your reach but you also get to have a rich source of information on how to reate a buzz for your personal brand.

Keep in mind to do 80-20 content rule about social media – 80 percent content about your audience and the rest for about your personal brand. It’s because you want to nurture your social relationships first before promotion.

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