Top 9 Elements Every Small Business Website Should Have

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Optimize your website today!

From establishing your brand’s online presence to connecting more with your target audience, a website can help you grow your business immediately. 

And if you’re among the 71% of small businesses that have already invested in website development, then you need to check out these elements to optimize your website. 

Don’t worry. It’s beginner-friendly.

Memorable Domain Name

Same as conceptualizing your brand’s identity, your website’s domain name should not be hard to pronounce or unrelated to the product or service you provide.

That’s why you should avoid these:

  • hyphen
  • numbers
  • Nonsensical words

Tell Your Brand’s Story Right Away

The moment your customer visits your site, they should know right away what you are offering. Therefore, do not hide in words that create a wall between you and your target audience.

Pro-tip: Decongest the content of your homepage by creating a dedicated “About Us” Page.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

More than half of people will browse your website through their mobile devices. So always stick to having a responsive design – make sure that your website’s text and image automatically fit different screen sizes.

Remember convenience. The moment it costs more time and effort on your customer’s end, it will also cost you your profits. So don’t turn them away by not adapting to mobile platforms. Besides, it’s a long-term investment as more and more people are using mobile nowadays.

Use SEO techniques

Don’t be intimidated by the word SEO; it’s not just for the experts. You can start working on the content of your website by using keywords and looking out for the most asked questions in search engines. 

Reach out and network, too. Business is politics somehow, and you need to rub elbows with people working in the same industry as you. Who knows, they might feature your business in their content.

Social Proof—and lots of it

It’s the online equivalent of word-of-the-mouth marketing. The more proof you have, the more they are persuaded to buy from you. Who wouldn’t want to experience the same excellent experience they have.

You can work out a deal from your customers to give a testimonial in exchange for freebies to not sound forces and robotics. Netizens nowadays can smell fakery from miles away. So don’t make them a fool or else lose their trust and your credibility right away.

Discoverable Contact Information

Perhaps an obvious suggestion, but you need to integrate your social media outlets, too. Make sure that your visitor can reach out to you in just a few clicks through email, call, text, or even your physical address. 

Your “Contact Us” page and website footer should contain all this important information. Again, it is to ensure that both ends of your page have all the necessary information and are ready to be used by your visitors.

Up-to-date Blogs and Articles

Consistency in your content begets consistency in your web traffic. Do not stagnate your content flow by just posting sporadically or only when there are important company events.

Better yet, plan out your content calendar to last for months. Through this, you can work on it during your downtime while managing your business. And your customers will always have something to look forward to when visiting your website.

Hard to miss CTAs

Do not underestimate the power of short phrases in the form of CTAs. Not only do they serve as a constant reminder to convert, but you can create incentives that can remove buying friction from “doubtful” visitors.

But do not use repetitive and unrelatable CTAs. They can ruin your traction in convincing your visitors to hit that “buy” button. Don’t skimp on adding CTA every time a section of your page ends, as your visitor can get derailed from converting while reading long-form content.

Secure Hosting

Not only will it increase your search engine ranking, but it can also boost your buyer’s confidence to trust you. Unfortunately, other devices don’t even authorize viewing any website flagged as “unsecured”. This could spell profit loss on your part.

It also saves you from drastic repercussions such as hacking. After all, you don’t want to have everything you’ve built up hijacked by a hacker.

Small businesses are the pillars of any local economy. They create job opportunities, stimulate local money circulation, and provide unique products and services. But investing in such an endeavor is risky.

Going head-to-head with established big businesses means eating all your market share. They are, after all, capable of spending extra resources on their operations and marketing efforts.

But you don’t have to pay big business prices when you partner with us! We are a full-service digital marketing agency located in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California. We are capable of creating a website that can make ybe known in your local industry from South California to West Coast. 

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