What Business Owners Need To Know About Hiring a Digital Marketing Company

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… and other things you need to look out for in one.

Are the posts scheduled for this week? How about all the direct messages from customers, are they responded on time? Are the web contents updated, and has it featured your promotional event for your product or service?          

Running a business online means reaching out to more potential customers. But this could also translate to more work – juggling the inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Perhaps, you have already reached your limit in micromanaging every aspect of your business.

Read on to know more about hiring a digital marketing company.

What do you want to achieve in hiring one?

The most fundamental question you should ask yourself as an entrepreneur is a specific goal you have when contracting digital marketing services. It needs to be grounded or measurable to avoid disappointment when resented with the actual results.

Also, be upfront on how much do you want to be involved in the creative process. The marketing team for small businesses usually has standard operating procedures (SOPs) to deliver the output. But if you want to have a more dynamic approach, it may derail their process, but they can constantly adjust to your needs.

How much do you need, and how much is your budget range?

Pricing and service packages differ from agency to agency. Others will offer a whole package with a lock-in duration, while some may charge ala carte per feature service. Again, it will be subject to a case-by-case basis.

Don’t worry if you’re still undecided. Digital marketing companies have a dedicated consultant to match your digital marketing needs to your goal. They may even throw in little extras, such as a free website audit or a trial package for a limited time.

Consider their expertise in the industry.

There are thousands of digital marketing agencies to choose from nowadays, as most businesses went online. But don’t be hasty in hiring one just because you need immediate results. You can even check the credentials of their team members online.

Seek reference. It may be in the form of testimonials or a review from their previous clients. But don’t be swayed easily with their flowery words and sweet talks. Remember, they are in the marketing game!

Spy on your competitor’s lot.

Healthy competition can hurt no one. You can even learn a thing or two from your competitors. For example, if you are not that technical in terms of digital marketing and you’re oblivious to the metrics experts used, a quick search on their website and social media can tell a lot of well they’re doing.

Compare their standing to your own. Try to match your competitors’ customers to the demographics that you have. Through this, you can have a solid understanding of what you want to expect. You may even suggest your findings to them.

What tools and other technology do they use?

It may seem an invasive question, but this is your right to know more of what you’re getting. You can also gauge how the digital company can keep up its business using innovative tools. You don’t want to be on the short stick of getting slow results because they use outdated tools.

Working with established companies means they can test some of the best marketing tools out there, such as:

  • Lead Automation Tools
  • Video Production Tools
  • Graphic Designing Tools
  • Content Editing Tools
  • SEO Optimizers
  • Website Development Tools and Plug-ins
  • Project Management Software
  • Performance Trackers
  • Educational and Training Courses

How inclusive is their service?

This question is a must whether you want to transact in just one place. Some digital marketing agencies are specialists, such as but not limited to only catering to branding, web development, social media, copywriting, graphic design, video production, lead generation, etc.

But working with a one-stop-shop agency gives you the advantage that you’ll achieve consistency and superior digital marketing service. It is because they are comfortable working with your brand as they are already familiar with your branding and, ultimately, what you want.

Reassess your contract regularly.

Are you happy with the results, or do you feel slighted? Evaluate the contract and re-assess if they have delivered what they promise. Know your privilege as a paying client and negotiate if they have shortcomings on their end. 

The best digital marketing company in Huntington Beach, California, is cut above the rest because they are adaptable. At Limes, we are proud to say that all our strategies are data-driven. We use an innovative AI tool to define your customer persona and check your competitors’ online footprint.

We even employed an all-in-one automation tool that does all your leads generation and marketing efforts in one powerful software. We are result-driven and passionate about bringing change to your business and elevating it to greater heights.

Start your digital marketing journey with us now!

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