What is a Landing Page And Why Every Business Needs Them

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As the Internet continues to become ubiquitous in our daily lives, it has never been easier than to begin generating leads for any service or product online. 

One of the most popular ways of doing this today is with a high converting landing page. Landing pages are critical because they can be vital determinants in businesses’ thriving and which die on the digital vine. 

Most experts say it all comes down to one thing—conversion rates.

And the more effort you put into making it look professional, the better chance you’ll have of converting visitors.

What is a Landing Page

But what is a landing page in the first place?

A landing page, also known as a lead capture page, is a web page designed to collect visitor information for the site operator’s sales or marketing purposes. 

It typically specializes in one type of product, service, or promotion. However, you may create more than one specific type of landing page for different purposes in some cases.

Generally speaking, the desired action could be signing up for something (such as your email list), buying something (like a widget), installing something (like an app), etc.

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Thus, a landing page is your opportunity to make a great first impression with potential customers. Read on to the other benefits of landing pages.

Help Increase Your Company’s Website Traffic

Creating a website with a landing page can help you increase customer loyalty by providing information about the company’s products and services engagingly. In addition, it offers clients the opportunity to promote their services through social media.

For starters, visitors land on a customized landing page with a headline that tells them specifically how they’ll be helped. 

It eliminates any doubt in their minds that they’re in the right place and need not waste any time reading further or scanning other potential content to figure out if this is for them. 

And the best thing about landing pages is that you can add as many CTAs as you can. It can, in turn, clearly tell your visitor what you want them to do, such as sign up for an account, fill out a form, click on a link in an article (list all steps/items needed).

It Can Boost Your Brand’s Digital Presence

You may already have a social media presence for your business, but you can get extra mileage on brand exposure with landing pages.

Landing pages look more professional than other elements, such as blog posts and social media shares. Landing pages can help reassure people that this is something worth considering. 

In addition, directing people away from your homepage where visitors see your entire range of products and services at once makes it easier for them to focus on what you’re explicitly trying to sell them instead. 

A high-quality landing page with a clear, persuasive message will distinguish your business from others in its field and leave consumers feeling confident about their decision-making process.

Offers A Variety Of Templates To Choose From 

It’s an easy way to create, edit, and share content with your target audience. There are many different templates available, so you don’t have to design it yourself. So coding experience is needed! 

But have you ever struggled to find a landing page template that is just right for your business?  Many templates are offered on various websites, but you may not know which one will work best for your campaign. 

Either way, the elements below should be included in your landing page:

  • catchy headline
  • clear call-to-action
  • relevant image
  • bullet points
  • social media links
  • website link
  • contact information

Also, you should at least try to put on the shoes of your visitors. They should feel like they want what’s offered once they browse through the different pages on your website!

It may seem obvious but remember: if you don’t offer something in some way, shape, or form, then people will just leave and find somewhere else that does offer it. 

Thus, a well-designed landing page entices and engages visitors and helps convert them into customers.

The business’s landing page main goal is to convert well. Therefore, it must clearly show what they offer and why it is different from competitors’ products or services. 

Better Control Over Content Creation

If you’re tired of word counting and trying to go below the allowed character limit, then it’s time to create a landing page for your business. With landing pages, you have complete control over what people see on your page – you’re not at the mercy of social media algorithms.

As such, you can include testimonials and information about how the product was made. However, if you want to feature such content, you need some content series for this as testimonials can be lengthy or that video can be too long.

Even in website platforms, landing pages have better control over content creation. 

It’s just a one-page site that is formatted specifically to convert the user into a customer, while an e-commerce website can have many unrelated articles with sporadic relevance to each other.

A landing page can be composed entirely of text-based information without graphics or other secondary elements being added to differentiate it from other types of websites where more diverse media are used throughout the site.

It eases decision fatigue imposed on customers by not having to experience information overload.

Access to Analytics to Gauge Success Rate

A landing page also provides its clients with detailed analytics on who is viewing their posts, which can help determine what type of content will resonate most with viewers.

Any landing pages are a result of the three pillars: usability, clarity, and credibility. 

The first pillar is usability. It’s essential for any user to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

You can do this by using clear headers with descriptive text at the top of each page and utilizing breadcrumbs or breadboxes, which provide navigation back up their path in order from where they came from. 

The second is clarity. People want information presented clearly, so there should not be too much copy on one page and bullets when giving points instead of paragraphs. 

As for credibility, you must have trustworthiness both visually through high-quality images and videos. Experienced digital marketers offer quid pro quo deals with their clients to get a stellar testimonial or review from them.

But if you want the shortcut, you’ll have access to valuable data on how well your landing page performs—page view, bounce rate, conversion rate, time spent, traffic source, etc.

Of course, different plug-ins installed will offer different types of analytics that can be performed.

5 Tips for a Successful Landing Page

A business landing page is an important and often overlooked aspect of a company’s online presence. It offers the opportunity to tell potential customers about your business in its entirety and drive them towards conversion. 

A successful landing page should be well-designed, informative, and easy for visitors to navigate without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. 

Here are some of the helpful tips on creating a remarkable landing page that will get results! 

  1. Know your audience

Has there ever been a time when you were trying to connect with a potential customer, but the conversation felt one-sided? 

It should not reflect on your landing page. Take the time now to figure out what they want from your company and put those features into your product!

  1. Keep the copy short, concise, and to the point.

Too much text all at once causes visitors to get overwhelmed and leave. Limit yourself to one or two sentences per paragraph with short paragraphs in between; use bullet points if necessary!

People buy based on their emotions, not their logic – appeal to them by using phrases like “feel confident” or “you deserve.” Your goal should be activating an emotional response from your visitor.

  1. Make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile devices.

With mobile device usage increasing, it’s important that your site layout and design are optimized for easy navigation on smaller screens.

The worst thing that could happen is that they get frustrated with their experience on a small screen and decide not to return.

  1. Add an image or video that will grab the reader’s attention.

The reason we want to add images or videos on our landing page is to induce visitors into taking action while they’re still interested in learning more about what we’re offering. 

Think of it like a “gateway offer.” 

It’s an offer that gives people their first taste of what you have to offer them in exchange for their contact information so you can send them offers over time.

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  1. Test your landing page with A/B testing 

When you test your landing page design with A/B testing, you can use basic data from conversion rates to optimize for the most optimal user experience. It can help you figure out what works best for your audience. 

In a nutshell, by pitting two versions of your landing page against one another in a live environment, you’ll have the added benefit of increased conversions while being able to compare variables in real-time. 

Landing pages are one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. Whether they’re for e-commerce or lead generation, landing pages should be designed with conversion optimization at the forefront. 

Every Marketing Strategy Always Consists of Landing Page

Marketing is a never-ending cycle. Without the right strategy and execution, you will not get your message across to potential customers. 

Landing pages are one of the most important aspects of the marketing world. They help with everything from brand awareness, lead generation, and even customer retention.

The best way to get your business off the ground is by having a strong landing page. And a good landing page design helps convert clients into sales. Of course, there are many avenues to achieve it, but land pages are always present in every marketing strategy.

This idea is to make sure that the visitor who lands on the page knows what they are getting before they buy it. Landing pages can be used for anything from promoting an ebook to hosting an online contest and more! 

That’s why every business needs landing pages because they are the best way to get visitors into your marketing funnel. 

You should increase conversions by testing different versions of your landing page and making sure you’re using retargeting advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media channels. 

By getting more people in your sales pipeline with a great lead generation form (or high converting offer), you’ll convert even more prospects.

But most importantly, a remarkable landing page should make the visitor feel like their needs matter and that they’re at the center of your attention with every clickable button on your site. Is this how customers perceive your company? Let us know! 

We can help you align all aspects of marketing, including SEO, social media advertising campaigns, website development, email marketing campaigns, etc. so that visitors don’t just leave but buy from you.

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