Why Video Marketing is Important And Why Your Business Need it More?

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Video marketing has been one of the go-to techniques to create an impactful presence in the digital space. It’s a mix of everything that will appeal to your audience—compelling text overlay, soulful background music, and captivating actions. 

There’s just so much potential in just one short video clip. It aces every formulaic path to success because it is not often in your customer’s feed, nor is it borne out of a generic approach.

Stand Out in Social Media Marketing by Having Video Content

Your competitors may have already commissioned a video marketing agency to handle all their video content. Not only will it save them time, but they will not need to invest in expensive video production devices that will also need employees that will require training.

It is, thus, a serious commitment if you want to go in-house. Aside from the creatives and technical equipment, you also need service specialists to be the “voice” of your company—aligning all the finished content to what your target audience wants and your company’s brand image.

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Here are other ways video marketing can help your brand’s social media presence:

Increase engagement

There is only so much a static post and text can do to get your audience hooked to all your content. It takes a little effort to create one compared to video content. Then, you can simply work on a pre-formatted graphic design, add text or quotes, and hit the publish or schedule button.

It can give you exposure mileage but only to a certain extent. So static content is flooding the social media space that it’s becoming a norm and redundant. You may get a like reaction and some comments, but that’s it.

Even a single video content can stay visible on the social feeds longer. It is because it can be shared by many users multiple times, and every share it gets to different demographics receives a whole new different meaning.

Influence Buying Decision

One of the primary goals of any social media marketing strategy is to convert your casual visitor to a loyal customer. So whether it be about selling your business’s offering or an engagement post, all published content should always influence your target audience’s buying decision.

The usual and cheaper route to reach this goal is through static posts, and some are even incorporating memes or relevant news to stay relatable to their audience. Thus, social media may be a marketing tool, but it is a digital social space in the first place.

Videos can do both as it has different elements from the music and movement that you choose. You can be both entertaining and informative to not drive your customers from hitting the close button.

Gain Higher Rank in Search Results

Ranking in search results is not just exclusive to search engines. Social media platforms are now employing Artificial Intelligence to cull out poser and robot accounts to clean the integrity of their channel.

Video content is marked for higher points regarding their standards as it can be easily sourced out where it came from. There is also a timestamp and minutes for each content that adds identifying value to the creator.

And the best thing about ranking higher is that your brand will land the top spot as recommended in your industry. You will gain more potential customers when they look up target keywords related to your domain.

Increase Your Email Click Rates

The email has stood the test of time way back; it was developed in the 1970s. Five decades later, it has retained its status as an effective platform for communication and marketing. Moreover, its status as being cost-effective has gained the approval of professional marketers.

And as with email’s rich history, adapting to changing can help reestablish your foothold when market saturation is at bay. You do not have to always stay on top of any latest marketing gimmicks because video marketing can do all that and more.

Effective Sales and Advertising Strategy

Click rates are one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to gauge the effectiveness of any email marketing campaign. It assesses whether it reached their target audience’s inbox and is not redirected to their spam folders.

A shortcut for this is to include a video in every email that you send because it will increase your integrity as a brand. You can also add as much information you want to the email you will forward for your email marketing campaigns.

That’s why explainer videos or product launches are in video format to sustain your audience’s attention. Besides, you are also giving valuable information to your audience by sending out these types of emails that they can apply in their life.

And as for the product launches, a video can create a more engaging connection than simple graphics and text. You can even level it up by featuring a satisfied customer testimonial and why the viewer needs your product or service.

You can get a lot of material from just one video to create a different sale or advertising effort. You can also tweak it to fit other platforms and channels to fit every demographics you want for your product or service.

A More Personalized Approach

Emails are equivalent to direct messages in social media. You are not just addressing the public or a group of people but communicating to a single recipient. So make every email marketing campaign that you do customize.

You need to know their pain points and issues to address and not just focus on selling your product. You can highlight what your customers will benefit from dealing business with engaging video content.

Other decision-makers in established companies are even sending out personalized thank you video emails to their loyal customers to make them special and feel valued. It can help affirm their purchase decision and continue to be a loyal customer of the brand.

It may seem like a simple way to attain brand recognition, but it is practical to the older market that values such traditional actions. For example, you may have already noticed such a strategy in health-related industries targeted to people who need constant medication or a health routine that they need to follow.

A personal touch to every marketing strategy you will employ goes a long way in nurturing your lead. However, you do not want to lose all your efforts in keeping your customers in the loop by sending out generic automated emails.

Capture everything and tell the story as it is – as what your email video should be. Maintain the integrity of your account with a video that stays true to your company vision and values.

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Elevate Your Sale Funnels

Have you ever wondered why even though the internet has taken over most of the customer’s screen time, videos like TV commercials and how-to videos still thrive in the online space?

And you are not going to see the end of such a trend yet. On the contrary, video content is flourishing as most people are used to such a format to showcase any product or service.

Even nostalgic advertisements come back as a homage to the older years when life was simpler and not yet muddled with technological complexities. It is magnified when most of them are in quarantine and have been detached from the internet world.

We begin to appreciate small things and downtimes compared to pumped-out peak performance and never-ending tasks. In addition, videos streamline the complexity of following a series of campaigns and reading long forms of texts.

Its popularity is also tied to its short and effective approach—a second in the video can translate minutes of reading text and look at the graphics.

Here are some steps on how to incorporate video content into your sales funnel:

  • Know the problem that resonates with your target market.

You may draft some surveys or create a poll in your social media accounts. Or, if you have a website, some tools and plug-ins can help you analyze your customer’s behavior.

  • Demonstrate your capabilities through videos. 

You may do some blogs for this, but a video is far superior if you have the resources, especially when it needs to have a visual representation of the instruction. Other information translates better when there is a demonstration of how to perform a specific task.

  • Add in some info on other problems that may arise.

Think two or three steps ahead. Better yet, review the problems you have pulled in your surveys and polls. Look up the internet with the most asked questions or scour forum sites that are dedicated to your niche.

  • Soft sell and provide some solution-based information. 

Now, this is where you should invest most of your time in crafting a compelling video that converts. Remember, always anchor your selling points to solution-based information.

  • Hard sell and highlight the product’s or service’s value proposition.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself: Why do they need your product/service to solve their problem? You may even make a before-and-after comparison of when it is convenient when the problem does not occur in the first place.

  • Optional: How to improve your company’s service or customer satisfaction?

Some marketers may consider this as a poll and survey, but this always comes last at any drip campaign. It’s the last effort to gain information as to what stopping your visitors from patronizing your product or service.

Partner With Video Marketing Services Experts

Ease your burden when you delegate your video tasks to us. We can help you make your video be more commanding or achieve any goal you have in mind. We are capable of setting the right tone with the proper videography techniques.

Let your creativity shine when you have a reliable video production team by your side. We can help you with your short film idea. Or if you just want a finished product, we can do that, too, as we have a complete team from the lighting team to the director.

Communication is the key, and we want to portray your story in the most effective way – no-frills and fillers. We can take any video project of yours that needs an expert eye and execution.

We thrive in a simple yet effective approach. We want to deliver the message to your audience in the simplest way possible. We do not want them to be distracted and miss the goal of your video – product promotion, company teaser, commercials, and many more.

So if you are in the market for a video production company in Huntington, Beach CA, give us a call today!

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